Skye has a year-round deer management programme which makes for an abundant population and a unique opportunity for stalking. Stalking can be done with a camera or a rifle in and around the dramatic mountains in the north of the island where stags, hinds, roe bucks and does can be found.

Deer stalking calls for an early start – around daybreak – and can last up to 5-6 hours. Deer stalking can be designed for differing abilities, but it is advised you have a good basic fitness level. Firearm familiarisation must take place before a stalk, where if inexperienced you may be asked to prove accuracy and competent firearm handling.

Prices from: £280 per stalk for the outing; additional charges are made if a shot is fired. Prices per shot are available on request.

The Seasons:

Red Stags: 1st July - 20th October
Red Hinds: 21st October - 15th February
Roe Bucks: 1st April - 20th October
Roe Does: 21st October - 31st March


Wear waterproof and flexible clothing in dark colours. Try to avoid solid black, a mix of greens and browns is best. Waterproof lace up ankle boots are a must. Gaiters are also good bits of kit and a walking stick. A peaked cap will aid your vision and is handy.

Legal firearms are provided and included in the pricing, or guests can supply their own.

Before any stalk commences, all members of the party head to the local rifle range and are required to prove they’re able to hit a target at 100m with the rifle to be used. Coaching is provided for novices.


Stalking landscape