From a hearty Sunday roast to an exquisite mallard crown, a delicate langoustine consommé to the flavour explosion of a sea buckthorn tart, Kinloch’s food brings the island direct to your palate in unique ways.

While we now benefit from an abundance of local purveyors hunting and harvesting for the freshest ingredients by land and sea, this wasn’t always the case. In Kinloch’s early days, when the only food deliveries arrived once every two weeks, Claire Macdonald had to rely on what was obtainable. Taking advantage of fresh shellfish, foraged wild mushrooms and tinned and frozen vegetables, her kitchen became known around the world for showcasing unfussy, flavour-first cuisine.

Taking the helm of the Kinloch kitchen in 2020, Chef Jordan Webb has embraced the heart and soul that is ubiquitous in Claire’s approach and evolved it into something new, different and exciting. Flavour remains first, but the availability of ingredients has exploded, with a list of island suppliers that grows by the day.  Often, our chefs don’t even have to leave the grounds; you might find them foraging chanterelles or wild garlic on the hill, pulverizing local kelp from the shore into a brining powder for fish or garnishing a plate with fresh salad leaves picked from the polytunnel outside the door. 

If food is the crowning part of the Kinloch experience, then seasonality is the jewel at the centre of that crown. Join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a Sunday roast and prepare to experience the best of Skye’s abundant larder.

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