The first view of Kinloch’s grounds will likely come from the road across the loch, where the sight of its gleaming façade tucked into the quiet hill rarely ceases to amaze. A short drive down a winding road, over a small bubbling river and under a canopy of trees brings you to our main building, where your journey begins.

Skye’s wild weather and shockingly beautiful landscape offer pursuits for leisure and adventure, whatever your speed. On our doorstep is our expansive lawn and a roaring firepit where you can enjoy a crisp glass of wine in the sunshine or a warming dram of whisky in the mist.

While the entire island is ripe for exploration, we have an abundance of walks on the local grounds that require no driving at all. Spend your days beach combing down at the loch when the tide is out, or hill walking up to the former settlement behind the lodge, Leitir Fura, where the views defy description. There are countless routes to fill your lungs and plenty of vistas to take your breath away.

Grounds portrait
Grounds second portrait
Grounds landscape