The Misty Isle

The Isle of Skye is one of the most special destinations on earth. It can be difficult to separate history from myth here - tales of clan warfare, love and betrayal are seamlessly interwoven with interventions by mischievous faeries and forlorn ghosts – but it doesn’t really matter. The magic is in the beauty of the land itself.

Kinloch Lodge is situated on Sleat, the southern peninsula of the island, commonly referred to as the “Garden of Skye.” In our small patch, you’ll find abundant walking trails, outdoor adventures, castles, gardens and a museum devoted to our unique heritage. Further beyond, Skye’s other legendary locations are a drive away. Our staff are happy to provide you with directions and recommendations to destinations both on- and off-the-beaten path.

There is so much to see, do and experience here – every time you return you will discover more. Skye has been home to Macdonalds for centuries, and yet even now we continue to unearth new and ancient wonders that take our breath away on a near daily basis. We are sure you will feel the same.

Read on for our pursuits – both indoor and outdoor – to help you make the most of this magical place.

The Misty Isle portrait
The Misty Isle second portrait
The Misty Isle landscape