The Misty Isle

For years, the only way to arrive on Skye was by sea. Visitors to Kinloch Lodge would come to the island for weeks at a time, taking lengthy, rugged journeys to reach the magical place where giants once made mischief (and faeries still do if legends are to be believed).

Since the 1990s when the bridge opened, the trip has been mercifully shorter but no less majestic. With craggy peaks and soft lapping waves, deep woods and glistening shorelines, adventures await you on arrival.

Kinloch Lodge is situated on Sleat, the southern peninsula of the island, commonly referred to as the “Garden of Skye.” In our small patch, you’ll find abundant walking trails, outdoor adventures, castles, distilleries, gardens and a museum devoted to our unique heritage. Further beyond, Skye’s other legendary locations are a drive away. Our staff are happy to provide you with directions and recommendations to destinations both on- and off-the-beaten path.

Read on for our pursuits – both indoor and outdoor – to help you make the most of this magical place.

Skye is a place of stories – of clan warfare and unity, of love and betrayal – let us guide you as you write your own.

The Misty Isle portrait
The Misty Isle second portrait
The Misty Isle landscape