History & Heritage

Kinloch Lodge has been a place of respite for centuries. The land on which it sits has hosted first, in the mid-1600s, a farmhouse; later, a shooting lodge, a public bar, a family home and now, one of Scotland’s most desired destinations for rest and relaxation.

In its present incarnation, Kinloch’s white façade sits nestled between emerald hills and the wild shores of Loch na Dal, with views of the spectacular Cuillin mountains in the distance. This chapter of its story began in 1972, when Godfrey Macdonald, the 8th Lord Macdonald and the 35th High Chief of his clan, and his wife Claire set out to create a place that had everything they desired in a hotel: comfy beds, endless hot water, warm and attentive service and, above all, delicious food.

Their vision has been a reality for over 50 years. Now, their daughter Isabella Macdonald acts as the steward of the spirit of absolute comfort and relaxed luxury. Delighting guests for decades, at Kinloch you will find all that Godfrey and Claire dreamed of in a hotel and more.

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