On the shore of tranquil Loch Na Dal and surrounded by native and abundant forest, Kinloch is perfectly positioned to provide bountiful foraging on the Isle of Skye and the Lodge’s own guide will show guests what can be unearthed.

Mitchell is delighted to share his local knowledge and ‘craic’; the crop depends on the season but with every step there’s a tasty treat to be uncovered. Find edible mushrooms, wild garlic and sorrel in the forest, and along the shoreline, delicious seaweed, mussels, samphire and the unappetising sounding, but totally scrumptious, scurvy grass.

Against a backdrop guaranteed to take your breath away, this experience is a gentle morning where foragers are sustained by freshly picked nibbles and refreshing brews, like Bog Myrtle Tea. There is also a chance to learn traditional firelighting skills, weather permitting of course.

On returning to the hotel, guests will enjoy a specially-created foraged cocktail (or mocktail). See our foraging package here.

Prices from: £240 for up to two people with an additional cost of £40 per person, to a maximum of 10 persons.

Key dates: Any time of year in any weather, subject to availability.

Foraging landscape