Krissy Thiem

A self-proclaimed “lover of the buzz of cities,” Krissy Thiem surprises even herself with how much she loves the peace and tranquillity of Skye. “I love the balance of having a place to come to calm down, the quietness of it.” Plus, Skye meets Krissy’s most important criteria: being near the sea. “I need body of water around me,” she says.

Krissy experienced island life before, working on Rottness Island in Australia, where she met Jamie Williams. “But that was even more remote – you had to take a boat any time you wanted to leave, there was no bridge.” Australia was one stop of many in her travels; growing up in Berlin, Krissy moved with her family as a teenager to Thuringia, a landlocked province in the centre of Germany. She went back to Berlin to study business administration, marketing and human resources but found her passion when she brought those skills to bear on events and hospitality. “I love the ability to make someone feel like they are home, away from home,” she said.

You never know where you might find Krissy – back in the kitchen during dinner, ensuring each guest is getting the exceptional service that makes Kinloch so special, having a fireside chat with a guest in the drawing room, or in the office where, among her other responsibilities, she focuses on hiring staff. “The first thing I look for is a warm, welcoming personality,” she notes. “Hospitality is the most important thing we want to bring to our guests. Everything else can be trained, but we need people who are open and outgoing.”

Favourite Skye Spot: “I love food. I’m a pescatarian, so my favourite is to sample all the fresh seafood on the island – places like the Oyster Shed are amazing – but often we’ll just pack a picnic and drive around to find a beautiful spot.”

Top Tip: “Make sure you bring your favourite book to read in the drawing room, cozied up in front of the fire. I can’t even tell you how many times I have had to gently wake people up on our sofas when they’ve dozed off.”

Krissy Thiem portrait