Explore the wealth of delicious, edible plants, fungi, seaweed and shellfish amongst the beautiful woods, along the coast and over the hills of Kinloch, finishing off with a foraged cocktail. What is unearthed will depend on the season of course. 

After breakfast, our own ghillie will meet you at the hotel and take you just a short distance from our front door and share with you his extensive knowledge of the various foraging grounds that surround Kinloch. Depending on the time of year, and your preferences, you might be unearthing fungi in the forest or picking through delicious seaweed and sampling mussels on the shore. Whatever the time of year there is an abundance of edible plants to sample. The day wraps up around mid-afternoon where you will return to the hotel to enjoy a cocktail, replete with foraged flavours. 

From £260 (up to two people, larger groups on request).